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Safety Procedures

Safety is a top priority here at BHO Busters and should be he main concern for anyone operating a closed-loop extractor. The workspace needed to operate an essential oil extractor should have free-moving air like you’re working outside. That means put in necessary ventilation to always have fresh air rolling through, this will ensure that you will not be inhaling any harmful gasses.

In order to produce large quantities efficiently, accidents cannot happen. A misstep or small accident can easily lead to a catastrophe if not dealt with properly when using extraction machines. It is imperative to maintain your extractor- especially the gaskets. Before running solvent through the column, be sure to double check the gaskets for leaks and extensive wear. It is advised to keep a few spare gaskets around to avoid having a leak and to stay as safe as possible. In addition to replacing gaskets, we strongly advise monitoring the butane content of the air outside of the extractor as well as inside.

We highly recommend professional training to operate the closed-loop extractor safely and efficiently. Accidents with this equipment can be very expensive and even more dangerous. Extracting oil is a relatively simple process, but must be done precisely. Don’t put yourself in danger by extracting without proper training and safety precautions.

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