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1307, 2017


Recovery time depends on the temperature of the collection vessel. We recommend 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, though temperatures up through 110 are entirely safe. Just be sure not to the extract. Recovery time depends on the number of recovery pumps, the warmth of the collection chamber and how cold the recovery tank is. The colder the recovery tank, the faster you will recover all of your solvent into a liquid. Using condensing coils or a heat exchanger also speeds up the rate of solvent recovery. Normally, the system should recover within an hour to about an hour and a half, but if the system is not optimally configured this process can take longer.

1107, 2017

Can I run the BHO Busters System passively without a recovery pump?

You can run system passively without a recovery pump. The process of passive recovery takes significantly longer. Our system relies on the recovery pump to move the solvent efficiently against pressure. Using temperature differentials between the collection base and the recovery tank you can passively recover. The process is limited by the rate your solvent can condense, and vapor pressure or blend (solvent ratios of butane/propane etc). The higher the temperature differential (i.e. the colder the recovery tank and the hotter the evaporation base) the faster the recovery process will occur.